Who Is That… Persona?

If you’re not familiar with the world of marketing, the term “persona” might be new to you. Understanding this concept is undeniably crucial for the success of any marketing and sales strategy.

A brand or company’s persona is the representation of their “ideal customer”. In other words, it’s the person with whom you want to communicate in order to sell your products. So, who is this persona? How old are they? What do they do in their life? What are their consumption habits? How do they rather communicate? These are some of the questions that need to be answered to identify your persona.

Our businesses can have more than one type of persona. After all, a product may appeal to various types of consumers. However, for small businesses, it’s best to focus on just one or two personas.

Persona vs. Target Audience

Many people tend to confuse these two concepts. After all, both refer to the consumers we want to reach. However, when we talk about a target audience, the characteristics are more superficial and not as precise as those of a persona.

The target audience provides us with a broad group of individuals who share some common characteristics. For example, a fictional target audience could be composed of men from the A/B class, aged between 40 and 50, who enjoy sports.

But… Do all these men desire the same things? What are the specific details of each one? How can you know if you’re reaching the right people with your marketing if you don’t know the unique characteristics of these individuals?

That’s why defining a persona brings nuances and much more precise information. By efficiently structuring your persona definition, you’ll have a guide for which doors to knock on with your beautiful cookie basket.

That’s right, my dear! You’re on the right track. Collecting this data is crucial to create a detailed and meaningful persona. Let’s do it right, with care and attention, just like someone preparing a delicious decorated cookie!

Alright, grab your notebook and pen, and let’s start jotting down these precious details about your business’s persona. Remember, each piece of information is like a special ingredient that will make your marketing strategy even more flavorful and effective!


  • Age: ______
  • Education: ______
  • Occupation: ______
  • Habits: ______
  • Frustrations: ______
  • Information about their routine: ______
  • Challenges: ______
  • Beliefs: ______
  • Hobbies: ______
  • Lifestyle: ______
  • Family structure: ______
  • Buying habits: ______
  • Preferred media channels: ______
  • Influences: ______
  • Technologies they use: ______
  • Where they seek information: ______
  • Decision criteria when making a purchase: ______

Enjoy this process and have fun discovering all the flavors and nuances of your business’s persona! I’m here to assist you in any way you need, my dear!

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